t f R r


Have you ever wished to travel through time at a certain place? Right now at the point where you’re standing in public space? Have you ever wondered what this place was like in the 20’s, how people lived here in different times? The prototype of ‘Tijdmachine’ will be a telescope with AR software, which is placed on a public square in Rotterdam.

The user looks through the telescope and travels through the different times. With ‘Tijdmachine’ the user will discover the immortality of Rotterdam’s soul. The visitor of ‘Tijdmachine’ can interact with stories which at that time took place in the same environment.

People, events and architecture of the last centuries are revive.
As a voyeur the user witnesses the situations and the stories but not every character likes to be watched. They will let you know as they find out. By interacting with the characters, the user makes a discovery along the different connected stories, through different times. Guided by her own interest or by her favourite character.

VISIT: tijdmachine.net