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The Little Heroes Club

The project is developed in collaboration with designer Desiree Kerklaan.

The Little Heroes Club is a collective of children between 7-9 years old that detecting current drawbacks in nature and come up with solutions. Children are challenged to think differently about the base of our living conditions due to a platform that generates a ‘living narrative’. Through this platform, children will experience connections between air quality, weather conditions and the global problem of particulate matter in a narrative way. The platform has embedded sensors to translate abstract air values into vibration. Low values gives little vibration and high values much vibration. The ‘living story’ has the possibility to measure values and generate sound by touching the illustrations.

The program provides new facts about nature so that children learn to look, smell and feel differently. Children are challenged by the story itself to find solutions and inventions.

Every ‘living story’ has the base for a drawback in nature such as air, water, soil or food. Air will be the first topic in the series.

Follow the process:

toach_board toach_board1 toach_board2